Periodontist, Implantologist, & Dental Public Health Consultant

Assistant Professor at King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia and Visiting Assistant Professor at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Tufts School of Dental Medicine, USA. Consultant of Periodontology, Implant Dentistry, and Dental Public Health. He is a diplomate of American Board of Periodontology, and International College of Oral Implantology. He did four master’s in business administration, biostatistics, clinical trial, molecular genetics and microbiology. His doctorate was in epidemiology. He has an interest in genetic epidemiology, infectious epidemiology, statistical genetics, cancer epidemiology, smokeless tobacco, clinical trials in periodontology and implant dentistry, quality of systematic review and meta-analysis.

He published more than 50 articles and book chapters. He received more than 50 awards from different countries such as USA, Switzerland , United Arab Emirates , Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Algeria and Saudi Arabia. He received awards from American Academy of Periodontology, International College of Oral Implantology , Yankee Dental Congress, AEEDC , World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), American Association of Public Health Dentistry, American Dental Education Association, Northeastern Society of Periodontists, Greater New York Dental Meeting, Harvard University, Tufts University, Loma Linda University, Boston University, Ohio state university, and King Abdulaziz University.

He presented several workshops, courses, lectures and posters nationally and internationally regarding public health, epidemiology, biostatistics, implant dentistry , and periodontology.