First visit to the dentist


Hygiene Methods in Carriers of Fixed Prosthodontics and Implants. Floss and Waterjet.

Consequences of Not Replacing Missing Teeth

Dry mouth – Xerostomia

Modified Bass Toothbrushing Technique, Floss, and Tongue Scraper


Periodontitis Evolution

Treatment of Periodontal Disease: Scaling and Root Planing

Periodontitis and its Influence on Health

Periodontitits: Periodontal Disease

Pericoronaritis and Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Bone Resorption Due to Lack of Teeth

Abfraction, Abrasion, Attrition, Erosion, and Resorption

Surgical management

Crown Lenghtening

Receding Gum: Treatment of Gum Recession

Gingivectomy: Treatment of Gummy Smile

Orthodontic Extrusion

Laterally Advanced Flap for Root Coverage

Coronally Advanced Flap for Root Coverage

Tooth extraction: Treatment for socket preservation

Dry socket – alveolar osteitis

Abscess, fistula, and drainage

Dental implant

Post Extraction Atrophy

Immediate Post-Extraction Dental Implants

Immediate implant in combination with soft and hard tissue graft

Bridge Over Natural Teeth Vs Implants



All on Four Treatment

Maxillary Rehabilitation with 6 Implants

Sinus Lift

Alveolar Ridge Expansion

Guided Bone Regeneration

Block Graft

Mandibular Bone Augmentation and Short Implants

3D Guided Surgery

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors


Sinus membrane repair

Zygomatic implants


Dental Eruption Chronology

TMJ Disorder and Bruxism

Impacted canines. Orthodontic extrusion

Knocked Out Tooth. How to Reimplant a Knocked Out Tooth